• Cities Live

    Here our entire structure, technology and equipment for you to take security, entertainment and even bill to the service in your city.

  • Time-lapse obras

    Our solution works is complete and the client accompanies Live and still generates Time-lapse movies of the entire construction process. We offer our services to large construction companies and government.

  • Events live

    Transmit a live event with high quality for everyone is more affordable than ever. Our team of professionals and structure of BNU.tv is complete .

  • Imagens aéreas com Drones

    Have a wonderful image file!

    Through The use of drones is possible obeter amazing pictures of angles that were previously only possible by hiring helicopters, which greatly becoming more expensive the service.

    Videos FullHD photos in High Quality and professional edition for your image file is different and unique.

    Watch 2 examples: Example 1 Example 2

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